who we are

Our Objective

AMITI's goal in the upcoming years is to pursue an aggressive marketing campaign and achieve a large percentage of market shares both in the United States and India. The company will assert itself into the market using a pilot deployment with the intention to market it as a desirable product and also as a mechanism to prove the revenues associated with the product are sustainable.

Company Overview

AMITI Consulting Corp. is a Global Service Center focused on providing skilled IT professionals for all its Clients. Over the years, we have built a strong bond with our Clients. The major attributes of this strong bond are flexibility of work and quality of professionals which we provide to the industry. We persistently work towards providing our Clients with an expert Candidate resource pool. Our experienced US and offshore teams deliver innovative solutions to make investment a success. Using the advanced state of the technology, our in-house and offshore teams collaborate to ensure the highest quality service to our Customers. Offshore Strategic Sourcing with AMITI is very different from traditional outsourcing models. 

Why Us?

With AMITI, you don’t give up control and you can dramatically reduce your costs and IT headaches. AMITI’s approach to outsourcing can also substantially improve IT effectiveness and help Organizations achieve strategic business goals. Some of the most recognized companies turn to AMITI for innovative process and technical solutions that increase performance and agility while maximizing our customer’s internal resources. At AMITI Consulting, we recognize the needs of your business. We prioritize your business process flow before we design and develop a software project management plan. We consider your objectives as our primary focus of attention towards your needs, which is essential to  for your company’s growth. After our analysis, we decide whether to take an entire responsibility of the software project or to simply provide a short-term technical staffing in helping to meet your timely deadlines. AMITI Consulting can provide the expertise that is necessary for your success. Our technical management team can work either along your internal staff or independently with complete responsibility for project management, staffing and for the deliverables of quality at work.